For forestry machinery
Machine model

Under ChAZ TM brand, spare parts for forestry equipment of Russian and foreign production are sold, in particular, such models as: TDT-55, TLT-100A, LHT-55, TB-1, TT-4, TT-4M, Onezhets-400, TLT -100-06, TLT-100-04, LP-19A, ML-119, ONEZHETS-300, ONEZHETS-320 , etc.

The following types of spare parts are offered:

  • track chain;
  • support roller ;
  • track;
  • track half-chain;
  • link;
  • shoe nut;
  • shoe bolt;
  • sprocket;
  • idler wheel, etc.

All parts for forestry and other equipment comply with national and industry quality standards.