Spare parts for undercarriage systems of tracked machinery

ChAZ TM with the purpose of the development of foreign cooperation is ready to supply the products of steel and cast iron, non-ferrous castings, forged and stamped blanks, ready-made products after machine processing by LLC PC ChAZ and LLC  Promlit for various industries:

  • automotive industry
  • agricultural engineering
  • production of road construction and special purpose machinery
  • electrical engineering
  • energy and mining industry
  • atomic industry
  • lifting equipment
  • elevator construction
  • general mechanical engineering
  • and other industries


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Engineering capabilities


The capabilities of foundry production make it possible to produce steel, iron and non- ferrous castings for blanks used in almost all mechanical engineering, as well as in the energy complex.

The following basic technologies are used in the foundry:

casting into sandy-clay molds :

  • grades 20L-45L, 45FL (carbon steels); 110G13L, 120G10FL (manganese steels). Products weight from 1 to 90 kg.

  • grades SCH 18-24 (gray cast iron). Product weight from 0.3 to 80 kg.

  • grades 20L-45L, 20GL (carbon steel). Product weight is from 35 to 3000 kg.

  • steel casting grades 20L, 25L, 30L, 35L, 40L, 45L, 25GTL, 45GL, 45FL, 20GL, 20FL, 20X25N19S2L, cast iron grades SCH20, VCh40, VCh45. Products weight is from 1 to 3000 kg.

  • investment casting (LVM, Investment steel casting): grades 30L-40L; 40 ХЛ, 20Х25Н19СЛ. Products weight is from 0.05 to 2 kg.

  • high pressure casting : grades AK12, AK9M2, TsA 4 , TsA4M. Product weight from 0.0014 to 1.5 kg.

  • electroslag casting : grades 5ХНМ, 38ХС, 09Г2С, 30ХГСА, 65Г, PA-ZhGrDK , ZhGr1D2, 5N1, as well as other grades of steel casting. Products weight is from 100 to 2500 kg.


The total production capacity of the forging complex is 165,000 tons per year.

The equipment used makes it possible to produce billets weighing from 0.080 to 60 kg , providing the accuracy class of the resulting products T 4 and T5.

The equipment includes:

  • hammer lines;

  • press lines;

  • cross-wedge rolling mill.

Materials used - structural steel, alloyed, corrosion-resistant   grades St20-St50; 09G2S; 18ХГТ-25ХГТ; 38XC; 40X-45X; 40XM; 03Х11Н10М2Т-ВД; 08X18H10T.

Operations performed:

  • cutting out;

  • punching;

  • bending;

  •  forming;

  •  rolling-out ;

  •  flanging .

Heat treatment

For heat treatment of forging blanks, equipment from the world's leading manufacturers is used: Degussa , Aehelin , Elterma . 

Applicable types of heat treatment:

  • volumetric hardening;

  • tempering (improvement);

  • normalization;

  • annealing.

All this allows complying with the highest standards and meeting the growing quality requirements from customers of automotive, nuclear industry, and producers of piping accessories and heavy equipment, as well at performing state defense orders.

Machine processing

The available equipment of the production sites located on the territory of  Cheboksary Aggregate Plant and Promtractor Plant allows carrying out all basic machining operations of parts and assemblies weighing up to 5 tons and maximum dimensions up to 4000x1500x1000 mm.
High precision and quality of machine processed products are achieved by using high-performance equipment (machining centers with programmed control) of the world's leading manufacturers:

  • MAZAK;


  • EMAG;




Quality control

The quality of manufactured production is provided  by Quality Management system ISO 9001: 2008. The production structure includes integrated system of research, design, and test centers.
The company has introduced and successfully used:

  •  design CAD-based programs from the product range CAD « the Solid Edge An »;

  • MAGMA soft automated casting process modeling system;

  • SuperForge computer simulation system for forging;

  • development of CNC programs based on the Cimatron system.